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    My name is Ennie and I am a dōTERRA® Leader and Wellness Advocate.


    I’m a certified holistic health practitioner, massage practitioner, and essential oil coach empowering others to take control of their health and their family’s health. I teach people how to improve both physical and emotional health naturally using essential oils along with energy modalities, sauna therapy, muscle therapy, and diet.


    I've learned that most health issues are affected by emotional health, habits, and mindset so I also got certified in High Performance Coaching. This helps with getting more clarity, productivity and energy to name a few.


    I want to share my knowledge of how I helped my body heal itself and how important emotional health and mindset is to one's health. It all starts with mindset and your daily habits.


    "I suffered from the side effects of synthetic products for 13 years not knowing that there was another option, a better option, a natural option."


    I was so upset when I found out that one little bottle can help me. Why didn't anyone tell me about this? I just accepted not knowing there was a better way. I want to prevent this from happening to others. ​


    "My mission is to let people know that there is another option, an easier natural option to optimal health."

    Schedule a Complimentary Aromatherapy Consultation with me TODAY. During the 30-min session you'll have an opportunity to ask your questions in a one-on-one setting and receive usage recommendations. This means you'll be left feeling at ease, prepared and confident on how to use essential oils for every member of your family - children and pets included! To request a consultation (phone, zoom or in-person), click on the button below.


    Looking forward to connecting with you!

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