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Ditch the Resolutions!

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It's been some year. One filled with loss, losing a loved ones, losing income, losing time spent physically together. But with that loss, we as a society, also learned to get back to the basics. We gained more time at home with family, we started cooking more at home, and to really appreciate all the little things we took for granted.

As we joyously say goodbye to 2020 and prepare to ring in the New Year, most people are deciding on their New Year's Resolutions, writing out their goals and are super-motivated to achieve them. For many, on top of the list is weight loss and improving their overall health and finances.

So, what would need to happen with your health for you to look back at the end of 2021 and say, “This was the most impactful year of my entire life!”?

What would you do different from the past year to make sure you hit your goal this year?

Statistics show that only 8% of those who makes resolutions actually keep them. Resolutions are pretty much just a decision to do something. Deciding to do something and actually doing it are two different things. Resolutions require lots of discipline making it hard to be part of that 8%.

I'm not as disciplined as I'd like to be so I found a work around.

Wait for it . . .Integration and Environment.

I found resolutions that I have kept are the ones that I've integrated into my daily routines and also the ones where I set up my environment so I don't have to think too much about it.

Example: Drinking more water in the morning

I have a full thermos by my bed at night so in the morning it's there for me to drink. Before my feet touch the floor, I drink 20 gulps of water. (when filling up water bottle, the lemon oil is by the sink so I always have citrus oils in my water to help flush toxins).

Example: Improving Immune System

I take DDR Prime and Frankincense daily to improve my immune system

I take 2 drops right after I brush my teeth. A bottle of DDR Prime and Frankincense is right by the toothpaste so I don’t forget. While that’s there, I also add a drop of Frankincense to my face cream - which I highly recommend.

If you wanted to start running in the morning, set your shoes right by your bed so that you put them first thing in the morning. Have your outfit by your shoes so you don't have to take time and decide what you are going to wear giving you more time to not do what you set out to do.

So, forget the resolution. Integrate your goals into your daily habits and lifestyle and make sure to set your environment up to succeed.

Get ready to crush it this year!



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